A description of the sinking of the titanic

If he had called for the ship to slow down then maybe the Titanic disaster would not have happened.

titanic ship accident

Lightoller admitted that he should have made some arrangement for the boats to be filled once they were afloat. That the year-old boy even lived to tell the tale defied the odds. Elizabeth Shutes died in Utica, New York in Several ships responded, including the Mount Temple, Frankfurt, and the Titanic's sister ship, Olympic, but none were close enough to make it in time.

what time did the titanic sink

The information on this page represents some of the main facts relating to the lifeboats on board Titanic. I thought the danger must be exaggerated, and we could all be taken aboard again.

how did the titanic sink

Lightoller went to bed following a quick inspection of the decks. The regulations concerning lifeboat capacity had last been updated inwhen the largest ships afloat weighed approximately 10, tons, while the Titanic had 46, This suggests that the iron rivets along the plate seams snapped off or popped open to create narrow gaps through which water flooded.

A description of the sinking of the titanic

The majority of passengers that went into the sea did not drown, but froze to death. At the time, all wireless operators on ocean liners were employees of the Marconi's Wireless Telegraph Company and not members of their ship's crew; their primary responsibility was to send messages for the passengers, with weather reports as a secondary concern. Ten minutes after midnight, the order for passengers to head for the lifeboats was given. We passed on. Smith, who was aged 62 at the time, was seen moving from one place to another, giving careful and thoughtful orders. By this time, it was clear to those on Titanic that the ship was indeed sinking and there would not be enough lifeboat places for everyone. Watertight compartments Considered to be at the forefront of technological advancement, the Titanic housed sixteen watertight compartments on the underside of the ship which could be closed electronically if water entered them, preventing the ship from sinking. The Titanic sinking transpired over two and a half hours which was relatively fast for a ship of such size. Mr Thayer and his wife Marian boarded with the Titanic with their son and a maid at Southampton on April

The Olympic was over nautical miles km away.

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The Sinking of RMS Titanic