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Before this change, I use to have a negative though process. The science to children is finding out about different things about the everyday world that is around the children.

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Your time is important. As a photographic plate is exposed to get an image, scientists expose themselves to work and they on the spur of the moment develop a new formula for atomic energy He also had a chance to help those who were struggling by being shown how peoples minds work. I also feel confident that I can teach young children the basics of algebra by 3rd grade. I then share the rubric with the grade and the rest of my general comments. Next they usually ask questions. I had a hard time deciphering which tense to use in sentences. I feel that the most important thing that was covered in this class was not really the math work, but more so on how to teach and structure a math class. Mathematics is involved in racing in two ways, the car setup and scoring an measurements. In the future, I hope to carry over the many skills I have taken with me this semester, while also aiming for more enhancements.

Then when I entered middle school and started to earn an allowance I would save my money and help my sisters whom are several years older than me budget their money.

Reading is very essential to the entire process, because once one is familiarized with proper reading techniquesthey can also improve in other areas such as writing.

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Prior to this course, I was not good at discovering hidden meanings and ideas in readings, and had many grammatical issues. Word problems would be portrayed differently and I would almost always write the problem wrong. The scoring system also uses math I lacked in the ability to accurately complete word problems.

As teachers we are always learning through new experience and materials. Why do I have to take algebra classes. I now incorporate these instructions into the student copy of the rubric. Now, I have strengthened in both areas, thanks to the ideas and reflections presented in throughout the entire semester.

Most of all, it is your ability to learn more through the experience and through your students. As per the subject in question, I felt that every text assignment problems had something that I was uncertain about and taught me ways to solve them.

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It cannot be studied wholly and drop down on papers.

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A Reflection of Math