An analysis of the speech by malcolm x an american civil rights activist

A segregated school system produces children who, when they graduate, graduate with crippled minds.

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What's so good about it — you can stay right in the church where you are and still take black nationalism as your philosophy. Elijah Muhammad and the NOI had a long history of using violence and intimidation against members who strayed. The black man in the black community has to be re-educated into the science of politics so he will know what politics is supposed to bring him in return. Time in Jail In , Malcolm X was arrested on charges of larceny and sentenced to 10 years in jail. Now, when you see this, and then you stop and consider the wages that were kept back from millions of Black people, not for one year but for years, you'll see how this country got so rich so fast. The modern house Negro, he said, was always interested in living or working among white people and bragging about being the only African American in his neighborhood or on his job. And those senators from those states know that if the Negroes in those states can vote, those senators are down the drain. It's not a segregationist filibuster, it's a government filibuster. And all of this has built up frustrations in the black community that makes the black community throughout America today more explosive than all of the atomic bombs the Russians can ever invent.

He had just begun addressing the room when multiple men rushed the stage and began firing guns. In assessing Malcolm X's impact, theologian James Cone wrote: "More than anyone else he revolutionized the black mind, transforming docile Negroes and self-effacing colored people into proud blacks and self-confident African-Americans.

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As Malcolm X put it, "Dr. Why, if birth made you American, you wouldn't need any legislation; you wouldn't need any amendments to the Constitution; you wouldn't be faced with civil-rights filibustering in Washington, D.

An analysis of the speech by malcolm x an american civil rights activist

He wants to live near him. One can't unite bananas with scattered leaves. When Malcolm was young, his family suffered greatly at the hands of white supremacists. Procedure You may choose to have the students complete the activities of this lesson individually, as partners or in small groups of no more than 3 or 4 students.

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And the only time — the only way we're going to solve our problem is with a self-help program. Progress is healing the wound that the blow made. You put them first and they put you last.

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If you do, everybody calls you uncouth, unrefined, uncivilized, savage. According to Cone, the march was controlled by the Black bourgeoisie and the white liberals who financed it. And the white man is screaming because he sees revolution in Latin America. We were not brought here to be made citizens. We need to stop airing our differences in front of the white man. I have friends who are called capitalists , Socialists , and Communists! Some of them were Muslim.

From America? So you and I, even when we try and spend our money on the block where we live or the area where we live, we're spending it with a man who, when the sun goes down, takes that basket full of money in another part of the town.

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Malcolm X: A Radical Vision for Civil Rights