An analysis of the treaty versailles

The Rhineland became a demilitarised zone. The military clauses of the treaty disarmed Germany.

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In March , Adolf Hitler introduced compulsory military conscription and rebuilt the armed forces in direct violation of the Treaty of Versailles. Arms The left bank of the Rhine was to be occupied by Allied forces and the right bank demilitarized. What is certain is that Adolf Hitler was able to use the treaty perfectly to rally support behind him: appealing to soldiers who felt conned and wielding the anger at the November Criminals to damn other socialists, promise to overcome Versailles, and make headway in doing so. Read more about World War I. It had already embarked on its career of imperialist expansion in its wars with Mexico, but the process experienced a qualitative leap with the war with Spain and the seizure of Cuba and the Philippines at the end of the nineteenth century. But the leaders of the mass organisations, by preventing revolution, made avoiding a new war impossible. The eastern part of Upper Silesia also went to Poland. They looked to Moscow for advice, but Lenin was incapacitated by his final illness and Trotsky was also ill. The army had dissolved and the Allies were preparing to advance. Many Germans felt unfairly treated. The smaller nations behaved like the poor relatives who stand, cap in hand, at the door of a wealthy man, who they hope will give them something for their patience and good behaviour. There has been tension between the Jews and Muslims in the region ever since. They knew that the rising power of America was flexing its muscles and would one day have to test its strength against theirs. The Covenant and the constitution of the League of Nations were part of the terms of the Treaty. The province of Saarland was placed under the control of the League of Nations for fifteen years.

Lloyd George was affected by public opinion in Britain, which agreed with Clemenceau, though he personally agreed with Wilson. Now the French ruling class needed to find a scapegoat, and offload its economic problems onto someone else.

An analysis of the treaty versailles

These decisions would render Germany defenceless against external attack. The Soviet Union is not prepared to become a part of that camouflage for imperialist machinations represented by the League of Nations. The king came out to meet him at the railway station, which was completely unheard of in British history. The British promise for an independent Arab state was incompatible with Sykes-Picot. Mutinies and revolution were threatening. The League was based on a Covenant or agreement. This prepared the basis for later conflicts that led directly to the Second World War. To resurrect Poland, millions of Germans, Lithuanians, Byelorussians, and Ukrainians were denied the right to self-determination. The Russian Revolution had a powerful effect on the German working class, which rose in revolution exactly twelve months after October. Second, they wanted a racial equality clause. At the peace conference, the British broke their promise to establish a unified and independent Arab state. Angry that his suggestions about reparations had been ignored, he published a damning account of the Conference, The Economic Consequences of the Peace In the decades before the war, there was a massive drive by the European powers to expand their empires. China and Japan were the only real significant independent Asian countries before the war. During the war, the British and French made imperialistic agreements to carve up the globe after the war.

The Soviet Union does not participate in the work of the League because the Soviet Union is fighting with all its energy against all preparations for imperialist war. It is now a banal statement to say that the strangling of Germany prepared the way for the rise of Hitler.

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The treaty bred Japanese militarism and put Japan on the road to war with the United States. Of course, the imperialists can never openly admit the true causes that motivate them. The United States took a more conciliatory view toward the issue of German reparations, which brought them into collision with the British and particularly the French imperialists.

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The overthrow of the bourgeoisie in any of the large European countries, including Germany, would be such a gain for the international revolution that, for its sake, one can, and if necessary, should, tolerate a more prolonged existence of the Treaty of Versailles. Back to top Reactions in France were mixed.

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Treaty of Versailles