An introduction to the analysis of interpreting art work

Interpretive Statement: Can I express what I think the artwork is about in one sentence?

visual analysis art

Thesis statement to justify why the image is worth describing and the intention of the theme as presented by the artist. Each body sentences should start with a topic sentence stating the significance of the photo.

Some of the techniques that you have explored in the context of analysing painting — for example, the use of medium and colour — also apply to the analysis of sculpture and installations. Effect of particular medium s used i.

The body needs to present evidence or relevant examples to justify your argument.

art analysis template

No single interpretation is exhaustive of the meaning of an artwork. Despite the hopeful nature which some people might see in it, the artist no doubt wanted his viewers to view the painting as a reference to the endless nature of the ocean, and perhaps also the endless nature of the human soul along with it.

comparative art analysis example

Everybody makes mistakes — revisions let you fix them before they become a problem. Introduction Use hook sentence to get the audience interest in the image Describe the image to the readers using vivid language Inform the audience about the image and why it was painted or why the photo was taken Explain the intention of the artists Any interesting theme about the art, any controversy or any misunderstanding.

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