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Posted by. Based on the data to the right, we know that the most important part for Apple is IPhone.

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But as technology advances and smart phones get cheaper companies also have a great opportunity to target people who want entertainment. Posted by. The advertisements for these models are all essentially sending out the same message as they are all trying to state their models are very advanced and on the cutting edge of technology. Downward pricing pressure — The iPhone is marketed as a high-end phone, but phone prices are almost certainly going to fall when other companies undercut the price of iPhones. Without the wallet. According to Harris Poll EquiTrend, Apple won Brand of the Year in three categories of mobile phone, tablet, and PC in , even though the rankings in mobile phone and PC came down to the 2nd place in Thus, consumers must think of Apple as satisfying a certain need whenever the need arises. They feel a very strong attachment towards the as it brings a new and positive attitude of life.

Apple TV indirectly competes with traditional cable TV. Brand attributes Throughout the years Apple has maintained high quality and innovation in their products, which make it a unique and successful brand.

Apple has positioned itself to be a pioneer in laptops, iPhones, and iPads. Thus dell is the direct competitor of apple in laptop category.

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There's a clear need for more innovation when it comes to the iPad, and perhaps we'll start to see that happen next year. For instance, Apple must not stop giving consumers the opportunity to feel, touch, and use sample Apple products that are displayed in all Apple stores.

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Quality — The iPhone has one of the brightest and most scratch resistant screens in the market. Dell: Dell has positioned itself in the market as a competitor to Apple with high affordability and is also user friendly.

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