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What adjective best describes his family life?

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The Summoner's disease is incurable, except by the spiritual healing he would experience at the shrine of Thomas A. However, the distractions end sometime or the other, leaving them again with their futile inaction: "The essential doesn't change.

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He is well-versed in playing competing interests off against each other, and he is the one manipulating Becket for his own purposes by installing him in various offices. He only wanted what was best for him, which is seen in his quest for supreme rule of England.

Once he has chosen Rome over England, he experienced no soul-searching bouts of indecision, no questions of turning back. They both got disillusioned and came to realize the emptiness of the human world.

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It contains some existential ideas in which the characters are helpless and the explanation of the universe is far beyond their reach. Edward Anhalt's Academy Award-winning screenplay cannot completely disguise its stage origins, with long scenes of characters making long speeches and snapping fast exchanges to each other.

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Camera motion is smooth and well-coordinated, with meticulous blocking of the actors for very structured compositions. The Theater of The Absurd is a term coined by Matin Esslin, a term first used in his book of that same title. Becket has little need to yell until he runs around charging Henry's officers with eternal damnation of their souls. Absurdity is a word that can be explained by reasoning however the fault is a familiar world that in the universe that is suddenly deprived of illusion, end of light, man feels as stranger He lived in a poor family. And yet, it is Henry who has the freedom initiate action. Some find it to be a meandering piece of drivel; others believe it to be genius. Regal, yes, but not refined. There is fatalist streak in Becket, as he calmly orders the doors opened for vespers even as armed men are waiting outside. The fear of going to Hell was very real and people were told that only the Catholic Church could save your soul so that you could go to Heaven. Had he been faced with a similarly troublesome clergyman, Louis would've done exactly as Henry had done.
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