Biomass energy in africa essay

They are encouraging and investing on researching new energy sources. There are issues with dams blocking fish swimming in the river, but there are ways to help them.

Various factors influence the ability of an organism to survive and thrive in any given environment.

biomass essay

Naturally occurring lignocellulosic biomass is abundant especially in plant cell walls, but is recalcitrant and resistant to degradation. Using biomass gains importance to solve energy problems. Therefore, biomass waste is a special form of renewable resources, it has great development potential, but also waste biomass can be converted into chemicals that can be used.

conclusion of biomass energy

In North America cannabis, in the form of hemp, was grown on many plantations for use in rope, clothing and paper.

Hydropower is well balanced between the electricity needs and the needs of the environment Energy investments include investing in oil, natural gas, coal and renewable energy sources like solar energy, wind, or biomass etc.

In other words Biomass Fuels words - 5 pages economic side of this the price of raw materials will rise when nonrenewable resources are depleted because of the scarcity of them. Further around alternative energy words - 3 pages One day in the future of America alternative energies can be used as the leading source of all fuels. Biomass waste provides energy in the same time without increasing Similar Essays Biomass Energy Essay words - 4 pages Significance of Biomass Energy Thesis: Trees,corn,wheat,herb,algea,all organic waste like fruits and vegetables waste,droppings, fertilizer and food industry waste can be examples for biomass. This process is known as the carbon cycle, this does not increase the atmospheric concentration of greenhouse gases. Biomass industry is renewable and harmless to living things. A combination of alternative energies sources along with the reduction of dependency on fossil fuels can reduce the effects of global warming. This concept is widely known as climate change or global warming.
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Essay about Biomass as an Alternative Energy