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An incident response team is a group of people—either IT staff with some security training, or full-time security staff in larger organizations—who collect, analyze and act upon information from an incident.

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Laurie W OR, United States 07 Jan Very easy to purchase a package, easy to set it all up and Megan in customer service helped me with a few edits after we'd submitted -- she was fantastic! Perform a risk assessment and prioritize security issues, identify which are the most sensitive assets, and by extension, which are the critical security incidents the team should focus on. Planning is not enough—you must also recruit members to the CIRT, train them, ensure they have access to all relevant systems, and the tools and technologies they need to identify incidents and respond to them. Lynn Russo W 12 Dec Very easy to work with. Know your stakeholders—who are the key roles within the organization who should care and be involved in a security incident? They are without a doubt my favorite press release distribution company. Important decisions at this stage are from which time and date to restore operations, how to test and verify that affected systems are back to normal, and how long to monitor the systems to ensure activity is back to normal. The objective of an incident response plan is to prevent damages like service outage, data loss or theft, and illicit access to organizational systems.

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While an incident response plan focuses on identifying a security event and bringing it to closure, disaster recovery aims at bringing systems back online, subject to a Recovery Time Objective RTO. Excellent customer service -- even if I don't have any problems. Kathryn S 14 Jan I appreciate the follow-up calls when I don't complete the order.

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