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The nurse takes the information and in turn transmits other information to the patient with discretion and delicacy as to the nature of the disease and advises with treatment and a rehabilitation plan for health promotion 4.

These systems can also be defined based on their organization according to social roles, behaviors and practices developed to maintain values and mechanisms that regulate these actions, as a meeting of groups with special interests and needs Days Pathology.

Unfortunately, the concept of privacy is pretty much unknown to the Greek hospital system.

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A smile does not indicate happiness, recognition or agreement. The participants were identified using alphanumerical codes, in which the letter N means nurse, NT for nursing technician and A for auxiliary nurse, and the number indicate the order in which the interviews were held.

The process also involves managing the setting so that people are not embarrassed, or the noise levels are kept to a minimum.

Verbal communication in nursing

This non-verbal communication is expressed by facial expressions, gestures, posture and physical barriers such as distance from the interlocutor Tightening the communication bonds among the professionals is important to facilitate the relations established with the clients and their families, which remits to teams that work satisfactorily, determine strategies to improve communication and teamwork 13 , which in turn leads to more harmonious and effective nursing care. Clarity: Say precisely what you want to say without digressing, and support your verbal message with non-verbal indicators. Acad Emerg Med. These different needs should be treated accordingly by the nurses, who should be able to detect what each patient wants Thessaloniki: University Studio Press; Athens: C Medicine University of Athens; The patient conveys their fears and concerns to their nurse to help them make a correct diagnosis. Porto Alegre RS : Artmed; Identify the unit or place of work. Use words that are non-threatening — explain what you would like to do and do not give orders to the patient.

Consequently, a patient may fail to understand the instructions from a nurse regarding the frequency of taking medication at home. It is much easier to speak than to listen. Lanc Oncol. However, it is when these methods are utilised in a complementary manner, that they most effectively denote empathy, trust and understanding.

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6+ Benefits of Effective Communication In Nursing