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He stood between television cameras and the swimming holes, because people only wore one or two garments. Most of teenage violence starts with the so called thugs who think they rule the school.

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Woodstock Festival Remembered. And everybody just came.

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College-aged men and women throughout the United States adopted an entirely new belief system and way of life; this cultural phenomenon would soon become known as the hippie movement He and Roberts met on a golf course in the fall of Tiber 1.

Kornbluth, Jesse, ed.

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The three day festival was full of music,art,peace,love and crazy dancing. That is what America is known for striving to be the best as can be in every way possible. The posters for the festival were not like the ones for other festivals. Dessner, Lawrence J. Now, Woodstock is still being celebrated over 40 years later. Bobby is just a boy who like most nine year olds looks up to his older brother Most of you probably would say that is absolutely impossible. While working at the high school I was able to use some of the skills I had learned while in class such as active listening, token economy Elliot, whose parents owned an upstate New York motel, was working in Greenwich Village in the summer of

I was expected to help students in various classes with various subjects. Other things such as the construction of the area was poorly built because they were behind but when the festival started, many of the things put up such has fencing and ticket gates were diminished, mostly from the number of people who started pitching tents outside.

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Woodstock defined a generation. There were many drug busts that occurred at Woodstock, but there were no violent crimes or burglary present. People began rejecting the normal means of society and breaking away from the standard way of life. Appropriately deemed the counterculture, this social metamorphosis was based upon a transition from strict long-held American values to a widespread antiestablishment attitude. It was a big turn around and probably one of the biggest hippie movements to show that the younger generation could all have peace like how the rest of America should be during the time of anti-war protests. Kennedy , and Martin Luther King Jr. Bruce Springsteen was too earnest to rock too hard. An interesting article that compiles opinions and experiences on festivals in general from various sources.

It was the last gasp of youthful idealism and a symbolic high point for the s generation Executive OrderJune 10,

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The Ecstatic Chaos of Woodstock