Extractivist practices and the challenge of climate change

Stop subsidizing destructive industrial farming practices, and dramatically increase support for carbon-sequestering regenerative agriculture.

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This is a key point. Keynes, J. In the Amazon, rainforests are replaced by cattle ranches and soybean farms. Perhaps these limitations were due to the rent seeking practices that feed extractivism: another pathology to carefully consider. This should be, at the very least, a democratic choice that establishes the bases to drive transition processes that free us from the ties of extractivism without risking life, whatever the reason. Top of page References Acosta, A. A Complex and Hopeful Global Process 3 Certainly, it is necessary to rescue and strengthen all the proposals that tend towards propagating An excellent example of global action 3 was—and continues to be—the proposal to leave crude oil in the subsoil of the Ecuadorian Amazon: the initiative Yasuni-ITT. The sector hires highly qualified managers and specialised workers who are often foreigners. We can either continue with the head-in-the-sand policies of the current administration, or we can listen to the scientists whose well-studied facts and figures consistently show that global warming is an unambiguously grave threat to humanity and all life on earth. Simultaneously inherent to capitalism and a civilisation based on inequality , there are multiple and growing ruptures that lead to complex and painful processes: for example, growing levels of migration from countries in the South to the USA and the European Union. We have to be open to transitions that entail thousands of diverse alternative practices—many of which are not capitalist—across the planet; practices that are oriented towards utopic horizons that propose a life among human beings and between human beings and nature. Behind every figure of growth, there is a human story and a natural story. The majority of the goods arriving in the Philippines are shipped, and unstable weather conditions could make the routes of these vessels treacherous given the idiosyncrasy of typhoons in the region. Modern agriculture, which our country has exported around the world over recent decades, is a huge driver of climate change, especially through annual tillage, deforestation, and livestock management practices.

I voted to extend and expand tax credits for alternative energy like solar and wind, and voted for the Energy Storage Technology Advancement Act, which would have increased funding for energy research to improve industrial energy efficiency and energy storage for electrical grids and hybrid vehicles.

This requires an integral and committed education reform whose conceptualisation is tied to human rights and the rights of nature. A Record of Fighting for the Environment As a Congressman, I built a strong record of fighting for the cause of environmental protection. From these points, we can develop the embryos of new state institutions, a renewed logic for the market, and a new social coexistence.

This proposal contends that the richest countries, which are largely responsible for grave environmental problems, must assume their responsibility to stop and reverse these imbalances.

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In this scenario, moves to criminalise social protest become key tools in initiatives to deepen extractivism. The Main Pathologies of Extractivism 16To propose post-extractivist responses, it is necessary to identify the problems that must be resolved and determine the capacities available to address them.

Restore the National Monuments and other public lands opened to extractive industries by the current administration.

neocolonial extractivism

Give the EPA full authority to regulate substances like HFCs that contribute to global warming, as it has authority to regulate ozone-depleting substances. This obliges us to transfer surpluses to productive segments, particularly those that exploit natural resources fundamentally for the external market, for example oil or minerals and also the modern urban segments which produce luxury goods.

A society that is committed to this change will be in a position to strengthen all of its capacities and will be stronger in the face of adversity.

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The Challenge of Climate Change