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Women have used these opportunities from the UN to push several different feminist theoretical frameworks.

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In this paper, I argue from a feminist perspective that the presence of PMDD in the DSM combines the stigma attached to both menstruation and mental illness, in order to shame any woman who is not fulfilling the expected role of passive and accepting mother or wife.

If we just say that a form of oppression counts as sexist oppression if it harms women, or even primarily harms women, this is not enough to distinguish it from other forms of oppression. The two predominate theories that surfaced during this time was liberal feminism and radical feminism.

The movements have been effective in ensuring equity and equality in the societies.

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Local user group, driven by welfare approach, for example, is one such tool which is often used in Nepalese NGO model of development interventions. Effects of Feminist Movements Women are today allowed the same and equal opportunities in work places and allowed equal pay as men.

Ojha, H.

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Feminist Movement: A Quality Three