Financial performance of axis bank

Need For the Study The financial parameters are the ultimate performance indicator of any bank.

axis bank annual report 2018

These products and services include cash credit facilities, demand and short-term loans, project finance, export credit, factoring, channel financing, structured products, discounting of bills, documentary credits, guarantees, foreign exchange, and derivative products.

The quick ratio is also in a fluctuating trend throughout the period resulting as 0. Significance ratios Some ratios are important than others and the firm may classifythem as primary and secondary ratios.

Axis bank net worth 2018

Short-term loans and advances Current Liabilities a. It compares creditors with the total credit purchases. If currentassets can pay off current liabilities, then liquidity position will besatisfactory. Axis Bank is the third largest private sector bank in India. Syndication: The bank also provides services of placement and syndication in the form of local currency bonds, rupee and foreign term loans and external commercial borrowings. Most of the information has been kept confidential and as such as not assed as art of policy of bank. Historically one can observe several major themes in the financial analysis literature. The Bank has also focused on improving the governance process in IT.

Management The management is interested in the financial position and performance of the enterprise as a whole and of its various divisions. The number of CMS clients has grown to 15, from 11, last year.

axis bank net worth 2018

This includes advances at overseas branches amounting to Rs. Axis Bank is the third largest private sector bank in India.

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Axis Bank Ltd balance sheet