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The long state of unconsciousness, coupled with the intense trauma of losing his entire family most assuredly drove Marlin insane, and thus by implication the entire events of Finding Nemo are in fact nothing more than delusions he is suffering from while floating around in his sea anemone. Support and love is important. The reader may object immediately, she would have to be if she suffers from short-term memory loss she would most likely have to have someone with her to watch over her and keep her company. Tired of their material existence, and feeling an intense guilt from profiting off of the proletariat, a. Marlin has a fear of the open ocean, now, and does his best to instill that in Nemo. Just like help can be required with other mental disorders. In our previous tale, Dory crossed the entire ocean with the clown fish Marlin to find his son, Nemo. Dory recalls seeing the boat and, after a short exchange, agrees to show Marlin the way it went. Marlin believes that if he and Nemo do not do this every time they leave their house they could get seriously injured from someone who is waiting outside for both clown fish to leave. It's a kid's movie, after all, so all ends well.

Sherman, 42 Wallaby Lane, Sydney. Then the last upheaval happens But Marlin has come to a more healthy decision about how to parent Nemo, which leaves Nemo happier and Marlin happy, as well. He is afraid of social situations, he prefers to sit alone and dreams of living by himself, he is very shy and almost everything that he says is negative.

Finding Nemo happens to be one of my daughter's favorites. But, she also suffers from short-term memory loss.

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Near the end of the journey, he loses hope, believing that Nemo is dead and begins to turn around and go home. One example is the bombs that armies use.

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Finding Nemo: Psychological Profiles of Its Characters Essay