Fountain pen writing alphabet game

The font design in our books aims to support handwriting as taught by Australian schools. Then, when it comes to writing, they have to recreate that shape back onto paper. Some may get mixed up with b and d. As they get older, they are taught to link the letters together to form cursive writing.

Some children may start to write letters or their name, but there is no set standard for where children should be with their writing because every child is different.

The next most common stroke is the branching activating the rectangle the diagonal thin stroke from base to waist. Its most important feature is that each letter is formed without taking the pencil off the paper — and consequently, each word is formed in one, flowing movement.

Beautiful rhythms that repeat themselves.

calligraphy writing

The most widely recommended handwriting style is called continuous cursive. To see, to really see, is your head-start to making beautiful forms.

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fountain pen writing alphabet