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One of his most famous works, Hamlet, is still a favorite among actors and occasional readers, alike, but why? For centuries, scholars have been debating the issue on whether Hamlet - the prince of William Shakespeare's tragedy Hamlet - was mad.

The answer is simple. He has written several comedies and tragedies that people have loved through decades. Othello stabs himself, Romeo and Juliet commit suicide, Brutis falls on his sword, and like them Hamlet dies by getting cut with a poison tip Still need help?

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Then, almost a month later, he goes through another traumatic event. Claudius m The story Shakespeare's Hamlet: compare and contrast Hamlet vs. Polonius put himself into that predicament though by spying on Hamlet. Need help you to write an analysis papers, i. This begins a chain of events leading up to the martyrdom of The theme that remai As the play is told Hamlet finds out his father was murdered by the recently crowned ki Certainly no one could blame Hamlet for appearing a little bit crazy after having to deal with that type of trauma. We won't just give you one of the free papers, it will be masterfully tailored and typed from scratch, authentic all the way.

After watching the play he does not have a change of heart. One of his most famous plays Hamlet is known for its great amount of tragedy.

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