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Furthermore handwriting analysis can aid in your business life.

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Articles about the decline of handwriting date back to at least the s —long after the typewriter, but a full decade before the rise of the home computer.

These early pens failed not in their mechanical design, but in their choice of ink.

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His big break came later that year, when the British Air Force, in search of a pen that would work at high altitudes, purchased 30, of them. The thoughts and feelings in the human mind have an immediate impact in the formation of handwriting. Hence, to know our actual personality we need to get our Handwriting analyzed and be aware of our Strengths, Weaknesses, Frustrations, Negative Thoughts, Hidden Potentials, Fears etc. Unless we begin to do something sensible about both letters and penholds we will contribute more to the demise of handwriting than the coming of the computer has done. And since the thin ink flows more quickly, I have to refill the pen frequently. However, other people would assess us by looking at what we say, how we behave, are we cordial, kind, supportive, helpful and further on the basis of our actual achievement. Amaze and captivate your friends and any audience with this "mysterious" skill that people will swear you must have talked to their own mother or x-wife.

Surely there must be some reason I keep finding pens everywhere. I attended many interviews.

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It will be useful to rectify our own limitations. Graphotherapy can be used to effect character and personality changes in anyone who can write.

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