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Brake, D. In recent years there are many controversies regarding the number of Muslims in Ethiopia. At present though, there is a high probability of foreign interference that might bring along some negative consequences as to rejuvenation of Islam in the post Ethiopia. Small Muslim Sultanates also emerged in the 10th and 11th century in Southern and Eastern parts of the county. Gragn was assisted by the Ottoman Turks who were very active in the Red Sea area, and able to defeat the Christian king in , and destroyed many churches and church literatures. Teklehaymanot and St. Addis Ababa. Ewstatewos Bahru Christianity was introduced into Ethiopia by two Syrian monks, Adesius and Frumentius Teferra 2. Third, these three Semitic religions in Ethiopia have had a relation with pagan beliefs in the country based on tolerance and accommodation. Islam in Ethiopia has been benign during the past century.

Shinn, David H. Therefore, a group of more than seventy Muslim converts 6 fled to Axum, the capital of Christian Abyssinia Ethiopiato escape religious persecution in the hands of the Quraish tribe.

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Therefore, in recent decades, Wahhabism started to replace secular traditions and moderate Islam in Africa McCormack 2. In this period, many churches including the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela built in the 12th centurythe monasteries of Hayq in Wollo and Debrelibanos in Shewa, founded by St.

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At present, Wahhabism is rapidly expanding in many East African countries including Ethiopia. Cowley, R. Podolsky, eds. This is confirmed by the ICC In: G. IV, Issue , 19 January Al-Ahram Weekly. But he went and stayed in Alexandria. The Nine Saints also translated the Bible and other religious books in to Geez.

Haberland, E. Boston: H. Brake, D. Sindima, H.

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This has led to sporadic Islamic-Christian skirmishes in the country. Paris: Inter-Orthodox Dialogue,

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