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Although Crete is in the Mediterranean, and not the Atlantic, Minoan settlements suffered considerable damage during the eruption of Thera, a volcano in Greece. In any event, the ark's location is unknown.

What's the fate of the Ark of the Covenant?

History mystery

Where is Jimmy Hoffa? Are you brave enough to head underground and rescue our hapless historian before tunnels collapse and your air runs out? Gwynplaine MacIntyre wrote "Death in the Dawntime", a locked room mystery or rather, sealed cave mystery set in Australia around 35, BC, which Ashley suggests is the furthest in the past a historical mystery has been set to date. We all came away saying what a great time we had had! Or, the greatest Greek lyric poet, period. While this portrayal is fairly accurate, the collision between the ship and the iceberg was not as unavoidable as it seems. What was Jesus really like? The scroll records a vast amount of hidden gold and silver treasure — so much, in fact, that some scholars believe that it is impossible for it to exist. The Tunguska Event Jun 18, On June 30, at approximately am, the sky over Siberia lit up with what was described by witnesses as a massive fireball, or the sky engulfed in fire.

The Murder of William Desmond Taylor Nov 6, Even in its youth, Hollywood's rapidly growing film industry had a reputation for debauchery. Escape seemed possible when the bodies of only three of the four daughters were discovered in a mass grave in Police and forensic anthropologists have searched a number of sites in Detroit and Oakland County to no avail.

What was Jesus really like? More than 70 years later, it's still unknown who the deceased was and how the body ended up in an elm tree. Whether any of them were actually written by the Ripper is a matter of debate among scholars.

Many still consider the means of the murder a mystery, despite the fact that the crime writer Christianna Brand later found an explanation. Remarkably, the jury was forced to find her innocent when no convincing explanation could be put forward as to how the poison was administered.

Robert van Gulik came across the 18th century anonymously-written Chinese manuscript Di Gong Anin his view closer to the Western tradition of detective fiction than other gong'an tales and so more likely to appeal to non-Chinese readers, and in published it in English as Celebrated Cases of Judge Dee.

The closer you are to the King, the more secure your lands, and your lives, will be. In a copper scroll was found by archaeologists in a cave, along with other Dead Sea Scrollsat the site of Qumran.

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Ruby's stated motivation was to spare Jacqueline Kennedy "the discomfiture of [Oswald] coming back to trial.

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Historical mystery