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TEDx speaker. Even if your vision is clear and you can articulate a detailed destiny, there are always obstacles in the path. Obstacle 6: Personal patterns In addition to common challenges, gaining insight into your personal decision-making patterns can help you make better decisions, says Ritu Chander, president and founder of The Next Move, LLC , a decision-making consultancy. Commit to Focused Discipline It's easy to get distracted with the present. We just freeze and have absolutely no idea what to do. I tend to jump to conclusions too fast. Stimuli are vivid to the extent that they are emotionally interesting, concrete, and proximate in a sensory, temporal, or spatial way. To combat group think, encourage people to challenge norms, Hayward says. Be honest and realistic. Hartman, To overcome this obstacle: Consider the positive power in this tendency! It is often more effective to ensure you understand the problem, its symptoms and causes before proceeding. First, it helps to understand that obstacles come in three different flavors: A. This is particularly obstructive to resolving Habitual Obstacles.

With that in mind, we must come to accept and acknowledge the circumstances for what they are from an optimisticsolution orientated, yet realistic perspective. When you understand the problem thoroughly, you may already know what tools you need to apply or what solutions to avoid because they are not appropriate.

In many cultures, if you diverge, you are shunned. Habitual Obstacles--These obstacles reflect how people get in their own way. Witnessed a close friend die?

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But once we determine and define that thing or things we most want to accomplish, suddenly the majority of our obstacles reduce themselves to molehills. Who has successfully overcome this problem? With a computer today, I now do it with my keyboard and store my thoughts in documents. Whenever you are faced with a problem, ask yourself whether this problem shares the same characteristics as something else you may have solved. What could lead to this specific outcome? This is not being pessimistic. They started pulling out all the stops -- chairs, tables, athleticism -- to reach higher than they initially thought possible. I'm forever intrigued by the concept of the impetus -- the tragedy, the disaster, the death -- that causes one to make a massive, deliberate life change. Well, now something has happened--some disruptive event like a failure or an accident or a tragedy. Think about the problem in different ways, considering the opposite interpretation or solution than your initial inclination. However, nurturing curiosity can undoubtedly give you a head-start. And momentum is the best way to bust through big obstacles. There are no stupid questions, only those you do not yet have an answer for. In other words, don't freak. Think again.

And avoid rush decisions. Quit banging your head against the same brick wall over and over.

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The good news is that once we've revealed our darkest demons, we can begin dealing with them. If you have the knowledge, take an exam and skip the course.

Biases about other people: 1.

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With time comes momentum. We deny uncertainty 5.

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You can step back and restart any steps previously mentioned.

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How to Overcome the Obstacles that are Holding Your Goals Hostage