How to write a budget proposal for research

Go and do a course if you have to.

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This will be handy later, when you write the budget justification. The overview given here is for preliminary guidance only.

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The category of Personnel includes not only the base salary or wage for each person on the project, but also listed separately the percentage added for staff benefits. Be clear with the data that you are presenting and make sure it is authentic and verified or supported by reliable sources.

Remember to note what work package each travel is grouped under. Focus on the project.

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Make clear if salary totals involve two different rates e. Cross it off. Are you going to interview the fifty people and do the statistical analysis yourself? Secondly, and more importantly, people will lose confidence in all your other numbers, too. Three trials a month with Thingatron, by research assistant. How much is your Thingatron going to cost? Below is an example of how it all comes together. Be realistic. All company names are made up.

You should be able to walk someone else through the project, so grab a critical friend and read the list to them. Your budget list might now look like this: 10 interviews in Kuala Lumpur; 10 interviews in Singapore; 10 interviews in Jakarta by me.

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How to make a simple research budget