How to write an introduction for a market research report

While writing research reports, the researcher will have to connect the dots on how the results will be applicable in the real world. Finding the data that can help you with your business decisions can be difficult, and some of the data can be expensive to purchase.

It should be interesting enough to capture all the key elements of the report. The research has to present proven facts as well as recommend solutions that will be suitable for the work.

survey report introduction

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The information you gather from your research should be written into a report that you will use for future reference, as will potential funding sources. Market research can help you get accurate and specific information about your customers and competitors, which is a critical part of starting or expanding your business.

Point out why the argument is significant to the research and issue at hand to bring them to a concluding point. Focusing and defining your topic and argument is also a key factor to consider when starting out on your paper.

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How to Write a Marketing Research Paper