Itc e choupal case study solution

In the mandi system, there was a mark up of percent on the price of soybean from the farm gate to the factory gate of this mark-up 2. The project was built using.

In the commodities market, these two factors are helping ITC create a definite competitive advantage. ITC Infotech provided an in- house team of 25 to 30 people in the initial stage and this gradually came down to around 20 people, and finally a five-member team to maintain the project.

Second, the Sanchalaks acted as an interface between the computer terminal and the often illiterate farmers. The first implementation of a Soya Choupal took eight months but later extensions like the Aqua Choupal for aquamarine farmers took between six and eight weeks.

ITC e-choupal is committed to transparency and respect and fairness towards farmers as well as local partners. The Choupal services are being delivered by over 6, Sanchalaks and over 17, Upa Sanchalaks to these remotest areas. The support team is also short-staffed. They had to go through middlemen and prices …show more content… In this way, e-Choupal eliminated information asymmetry regarding prices and allowed farmers to time the sale of their produce, consequently fetching higher prices.

itc e choupal case study for csr
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(PDF) The ITC e