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Final Thanks Thanks again, for being such an awesome group of people, over the 7 years of operation, we have received 2 key donations, and 3 key Minimum donations, which is insane Unique Donations, at least Keys. Stay in Touch on Social Media Interacting with social media is a fun way to get to know other parents and community members.

PBL kids are inquisitive and the questions asked were relevant and truly thought provoking. Thanks for sticking with us through some pretty ew years, where my free time was limited and unable to fix some problems, but I like to think many of the years we were operating we were having more fun than not.

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Our initial Player limit was 11 Which laggedand we reached that daily until we expanded into proper servers. Having been part of an ever-growing PBL community for six years, I can offer the following suggestions on how to get involved and experience PBL from the front row: Chaperone a Field Trip I recently took a morning off and went on an amazing fall themed field trip.

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I've met and become friends with a lot of you over the years, some well into your 20s and many that aren't around anymore.

I try to make time to drop in on guest speakers and assemblies to learn about experts in my community.

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We participate. The community PBL creates is open and welcoming by nature. There aren't many games that I can say I would play for over hours, let alone 4 times that number and still be happy to play another game. For now, though, Landing AI is focused on the two-to-four-year time scale.

If you are new to the community, I encourage you to get involved. Ng advises starting small.

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[] Just Jump: Dynamic Neighborhood Aggregation in Graph Neural Networks