Juvenile crime statistics essay

For example, there was once a time when there was no separation between the treatment of both juvenile and adult offenders. But just recently, researchers began studying female juvenile delinquency and the causes behind their behavior. Based on the modern juvenile system he will most likely be tried as an adult without his mental capabilities, IQ, or brain development being tested and observed.

This boy can either be tried as an adult or tried as a juvenile. At the same time that states and the federal government in the United States have been moving toward treating juvenile offenders more like adult criminals, many other countries retain a strong rehabilitative stance.

Being tried in a juvenile court for the serious offense is like a slap on the wrist. Our hormones at this stage make our emotions less manageable.

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Due to poor living and working conditions many of these places were closed down. Those adults would describe them as good kids but doing bad things.

Juvenile delinquency articles

This might be less challenging for them than it has been in the past, but hopefully the future will make the road to reform easier for them Many of these kids are being brought through the system at very young ages. In America today lots of underage individuals are committing heinous crimes, which lead to them being tried as adults and getting longer sentencing. The term delinquency 4 in this report refers to acts by a juvenile that would be considered a crime if committed by an adult, as well as to actions that are illegal only because of the age of the offender. Juveniles in the present system do have the ability to straighten out their lives. Juvenile delinquency is enormously damaging to the health and well-being of the nations families and communities. It has been debated time and time again about what methods are best for what types of kids whether it be their age group, gender, and economic status.

But in other communities, the police may refer such children to a juvenile court where they may officially be declared delinquents. This situation has not been improved so far, besides it is getting worse and worse. Housing juveniles in adult prisons, not as common but unethical to some and others see as necessary.

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Juvenile Crime Statistics Essay