Mission of bmw

BMW announced its first motorcycle, the R 32, to great excitement in Who we are. The stunning natural surroundings showcase the off-road character and dynamic performance of the new BMW X3. Campaign development started out with a widescale interdisciplinary big data analysis that gathered and evaluated information about different BMW X3 buyer groups.

Business that serves the good of the people must be sustainable. Successful member of the X family.

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Users have fun creating their own individual BMW X3 directly in the Facebook app, choosing their preferred design line, paint colour, wheel rims and interior configuration. This allowed BMW to consider the interests and media use of its future customers already in the creative phase of the campaign.

vision of bmw

BMW's first post-war automobile was thebuilt from onwards. The Chrysler Group says it has a vision-driven mission to create a brand that consumers will repeatedly patronize: "Our vision is to build cars and trucks people want to buy, will enjoy driving and will want to buy again.

With respect for people and the environment, Hyundai Motor Group will pursue further growth in a way befitting a world leading enterprise. Business that serves the good of the people is based on merit. We will employ a professional, well-trained and knowledgeable staff.

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BMW Vision: To be the