Mlk, malcolm x and civil rights struggle essay

Civil rights include the ensuring of life and safety, protection from an individual. The large number of blacks that served in the military or worked in the war industry saw that they had a greater place in the world than they had been given in.

malcolm x vs martin luther king

They both agreed on one thing, that black people deserved better, but their plans on how to achieve it differed. This decision sparked a revolution that forever changed America. Although, the two men stood for opposite sides taking a different approach to meet a common goal.

malcolm x philosophy essay

Civil rights issues became the norm during this period. Freedom activists became well known throughout various parts of the United States, all with different ideas about how to approach such an enormous problem of injustice faced by Negros.

At the age of 6 his father was killed, and when he was 13 his mother was placed in a mental hospital, after which he went in and out of various foster homes.

malcolm x wanted segregation
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Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, Jr. Essay