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My dream to travel the world essay

Primarily, I would climb on the top of the main symbol of Japan — Fujiyama, visit beautiful Japanese style landscape gardens, Imperial Palace and parks. Although known for its unique and economic banking system, its is more famous for its numerous lakes, villages and the high peaks of the Alps. It's home to a variety of wildlife such as large red deer, Chamois, Ibexes, and Marmots. The ability to communicate and receive various guests will help to remain socialized and share the beautiful world around me with others. This topic also pulls my interest as to why when I dream of thing and days later the contents I saw in my dream becomes a reality. I suppose I would finish my vacation in Barcelona and fly home by plane from it's airport. Then, I will look at the other Gaudi masterpieces that have made Barcelona famous. It is snow so fluffy that when laid down on it makes one believe that they are in heaven, floating around the sky on a feathery cloud. Iceland is the land of ice and fire and a great place to see this incredible light show. For me, my dream vacation in France, especially Paris. In the end, I can say that I have such a dream place for many years, so I do not think that something will change dramatically shortly. The fifth factor is the roads in Australia.

What would your dream vacation look like? This is not very easily seen in Singapore.

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There are few places on our planet where you can see geysers, glaciers, waterfalls, winding rivers, volcanoes, beaches, and whales so close to one another. What to see. Tourism In terms of tourism, Switzerland boast of over lakes which, high mountain peaks most of which are covered with snow that makes it even more attractive and the breathtaking sceneries will make you fall in love with this beautiful place.

my dream vacation essay

Iceland is the land of ice and fire and a great place to see this incredible light show. I think this historic church will definitely impress me with its size and beauty.

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I suppose, I will feel like in a fairy tale when I decide to spend a week in the city on the water. Japan is famous for its technical innovations such as robots, newest gadgets, bullet trains JR, etc.

Verne, Jules, and William Butcher. France is one of the unique countries of the world having its people with different culture, language, traditions, and habits of living life as well.

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Essay on My Dream Place