Opinion essay into the wild

Although he did some unusual things, he was sane.

Opinion essay into the wild

As this level of freedom requires a complete isolation, Christopher has to go into the wild alone. He was an adult who made bad, dangerous, and stupid choices. Chris McCandless went on his path to happiness, explored the challenges of living solely in nature and overcame them, but also had many triumphs along the way, which he embraced. It was a journey that would have been a complete waste if I think the point Chris was trying to make was the fact that there is nothing to hold you back. The setting of a book often has a significant impact on the story itself. The wild west meets the wild east Essay Words 3 Pages Built on scenic, typhoon-lashed hills at the tip of a peninsula jutting into the Sea of Japan, Vladivostok was never a typical Soviet city.

He sees it as a place where he can live by his own rules, absolutely free, this is a place without the evils of the modern world.

Goodbye and may God bless all! This some kind of inner demon is driving Christopher during his adventures. In my own life, I have realized how easily I take things for granted.

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Had he been brave, he would have kept in contact with his family. Money simply had no value to him. Yet he somehow was able to meet people and befriend them.

Into the wild nature essay

Nature, the wild, is a place where he believes he can find his true self and his proper status in the society. I find him selfish and narcissistic. But I think everyone in our society should live a little like Chris, live off the land, go backpacking to Alaska, and have nothing so you can see the true value in everything we do have. What seems to be a small problem is really a large one. A selection of these points and even extracts from some of the letters mentioned can be found in the book, which allows the reader to consider these opinions and not simply be overcome by the idealism that is portrayed through the protagonist Chris and the authors that inspired him. He was a smart and unique person that wanted to be completely free from society. In turn, this leaves them to be bastard children. The fact that he survived all his ventures and hardships might have been due more to good fortune than his actual preparation and skills. He said Help me!

Krakauer included comments from people that said McCandless was crazy, and his death was his own mistake During Chris's adventure he seems to neglect all communication with his family and over look the fact that they care about his health and future.

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