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But those views are sometimes not as spectacular as expected due to regional haze, an environmental problem that affects many of our national parks.

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There are also some environmental concerns regarding savannas such as poaching, overgrazing, and clearing of the land for crops. Besides tiger, the reserve has fishing cat, spotted deer, rhesus monkey, and wild pigs.

Hence, there is heavy biotic pressure for forest resources.

Importance of national parks essay

A view of mountains from the park The park is divided into three ranges. Coastal fog also provides up to one-third of their annual water needs. Fauna[ edit ] Northern spotted owl Strix occidentalis caurina is a threatened species known to exist in the parks. Forest Service. The reduction in number of casualties is a result of strict control over the movement of the people inside the tiger reserve, alternative income generation and awareness building among people. Before Congress takes action to protect the law, several national monuments wait for over 50 years. Main article: History of Kaziranga National Park Mary Curzon, Baroness Curzon of Kedleston and her husband are credited with starting the movement to protect this area. If not, then you are fortunate as these marvellous birds are slowly recovering from their severe endangerment. To put this Act or Law into order, there were strong actions that were threatening the environment for those that research and treat the animals. A visual comparison of the best and worst hour average visibility at the Grand Canyon. However, park environmentalists claim that the fires are vitally important to the ecosystems within the forests. The ballot initiative failed and Oregon attempted to retake control over the land. Roosevelt elk are the most readily observed of the large mammals in the park. Central assistance amounting to Rs. There was a report of a tiger wandering inside an abandoned cattle shed in a village, which was captured and released back in the wild.

It is also believed that due to use of human masks and electric human dummies the tigers will stay away from the people. Lack of staff, infrastructure and lack of funds exacerbate the situation.

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The field camps were under 12 to 15 feet of water for around seven hours, resulting in soil erosion and damage to staff quarters, generators and bamboo pilling. The parks can do little to combat issues related to global warming, other than to appeal to the sensibilities of the people who patronize them.

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The bedrock of the savanna area in the north of the park is made up of limestone and sandstone, whereas the grasslands in the south of the park stand on deep deposits of fine alluvium.

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Crisis in our national parks: how tourists are loving nature to death