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According to a report by the United Nations Environment Programme UNEP assessment mission, there are far higher than normal cases of respiratory infections, mouth ulcers and bleeding, abdominal hemorrhages and unusual skin infections among many inhabitants of the areas around the northeastern towns of Hobbio and Benadir on the Indian Ocean coast. Then, there was a Spanish battleship, sailing South towards Gulf of Aden. China has stated that the base will not be military focused, [] yet will assist in the escort of Chinese cargo ships through the Bab al-Mandeb Strait and Gulf of Aden. According to officials, a Philippine-operated bulk carrier with 21 crew members was hijacked this morning by armed pirates off the coast of Somalia in the Gulf of Aden. Twenty-nine of these attacks resulted in hijacking and 11 of these ships and their plus crew members still remain in the hands of pirates. So, the crew, most do not have any military training and are not used to seeing weapons around. Currently six U. The United Nations Environment Program was called in to investigate, and the Italian parliament issued a report later in the decade. Instead, armed with AK s and knives, they storm a ship, round up some of the crew and return to land, where they hide their hostages. After an hour or so, there was Suakin, an ancient jewel, along the coast of the beautiful, blue Red Sea, laying in front of our eyes. The increase of tracking points can be erroneously perceived as an apparently higher volume of traffic with respect to other periods. A number of methods are widely-used and the good thing is that most of them are non-lethal… High pressure water cannons: if some guys are climbing on board the ship, you can wash them off. None of this came cheap. Navy request to check on their health and welfare. All this suggests it will be difficult to eradicate piracy for many years to come.

Some captives have also indicated that they were used as human shields for pirate attacks while being held hostage. Peter Lehra Somalia piracy expert at the University of St. There is no government control and there are few people with high moral ground[…] The intentions of these pirates are not concerned with protecting their environment.

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It prevents pirates from climbing. Around people have been prosecuted in Somalia for piracy. However, it is said that an algae-like bacteria turns the water into reddish-brown color upon dying.

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Through interception with speedboats, Somali fishermen tried to either dissuade the dumpers and trawlers or levy a "tax" on them as compensation, as Segule Ali's previously mentioned quote notes. It is delivered to them in burlap sacks which are either dropped from helicopters or cased in waterproof suitcases loaded onto tiny skiffs. Then, the attacks spread to further north in the Red Sea, and to the south as far as Madagascar, and to the Omani Coast to the west. That means the heaviest toll is borne by crews, most of whom are from poor countries like India and the Philippines. When the oil price fell in , they began copying their Somali counterparts and focused on kidnapping crews though oil theft made a comeback last year. The huge waves which battered northern Somalia after the tsunami are believed to have stirred up tonnes of nuclear and toxic waste that was illegally dumped in Somali waters by several European firms — front companies created by the Italian mafia. Only when piracy appeared in the region the lack of effective sovereign control over the Gulf of Aden was problematized". But as you know, the industry has improved in the last four years and developed some new ways of deterring pirates off their ships. Ship-owners also want to be able to deploy private armed guards in Nigerian waters. Western navies began doing so in Now, you see these pirates are all over the place and I would not be surprised, my old friend, if some pirate gang hijacks the ship that we have just loaded. So, the crew, most do not have any military training and are not used to seeing weapons around. Nigeria has yet to make piracy a specific criminal offence. In Indonesia caught a ringleader with Malaysian help. Long Range Acoustic Device: Another non-lethal anti-piracy device which produces a high-pitched noise that is not tolerable by the average human being without ear protection.

The Faina has drawn international concern and response. West African governments struggle to stifle piracy.

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Piracy off the coast of Somalia