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In order for us to ensure the integrity of our data we need the domains we use to construct email addresses to be "virgin. Only addresses under the donated subdomain will become honey pots.

The module is published under the GPL open source license. Official website Project Honey Pot is a web-based honeypot network.

Website administrators have few resources in order to tell whether a visitor to a site is good or malicious. Any email sent to the spam trap addresses we distribute will be received directly by our servers. The data participants in Project Honey Pot will help to build the next generation of anti-spam software.

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I don't want people to QuickLink to my honey pot, how do I stop them? Who made this site? It uses software embedded in web sites. We are always looking for ways to bring Project Honey Pot to more websites.

Http blacklist

Therefore when donating you should choose a domain or subdomain that you do not intend to use for mail receipt in the future. Do I have to donate an MX entry in order to install a honey pot on my site? We limit the number of MX entries donated per domain to a total of five 5. Additionally, all reports of suspicious activity occurring from your IP space will be reported on your personalized monitoring page. We handle the rest — automatically distributing addresses and receiving the mail they generate. Project Honey Pot was created by Unspam Technologies, Inc — an anti-spam company with the singular mission of helping design and enforce effective anti-spam laws. In , the Project began a number of new initiatives including a QuickLinks program that makes it easier for more people to participate, as well as a system to track comment spam. Anyone can sign up for Project Honey Pot for free. The service works by publishing DNS records for IPs we have seen conducting suspicious or malicious behavior online.

Each day, thousands of robots, crawlers, and spiders troll the web. A username is the part of the email address before the sign.

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