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Sports areimportant, reading's important. It is known that internet addiction leads to social network addiction.

Fromthese students, huge percentage of them is male. These may be an additional cause for concern as youth migrate from free gaming sites to online gambling sites, as these have greater financial consequences and may lead not just to loss of time but to loss of money. Interview A. Internet addicts showed enhanced reward sensitivity and decreased loss sensitivity when compared with the control group [ 39 ]. Problematic cognitions are thought to maintain problematic gaming behaviors. AAP recommends that kids older than 2 years spend no more than 2 hourswatching TV or movies or playing video games daily. In the survey, many of the students at UTEP answer that they see Social Networking as a hobby, they add that people should learn to control and limit it. New other list of connections and those made by others within the system. Here, a clear cause and effect relationship is evident, which adds strength to the findings. This quasi-experimental study is insightful for it not only offered evidence for a dissimilar brain activity in online gaming addicts compared to a general player control group, but it also elucidated brain activation that occurs as a consequence of playing in both groups.

Future Trends in Online Gaming and Online Gaming Addiction The amount and the quality of research in the online gaming addiction field have progressed considerably over the last decade but the process is still in its infancy compared with other more established behavioral addictions, such as pathological gambling.

Very few studies have been used to examine links between video games and other risk behaviors e. However, little detail is known about the treatment protocols or their efficacy.

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They analyzed white matter fractional anisotropy FA changes by using diffusion tensor imaging DTI to discern brain structural changes as a consequence of Internet addiction length. Computer games have become one of the favorite time-spending of young people all ages, and even some adults.

Media literacy specialist, Dr. Any company claiming compliance with GAAP must comply with most standards and interpretations but does not have to follow the disclosure requirements. In addition to the reported negative psychosocial consequences, Griffiths et al.

But teenagers, who always seek fun activities around them, use computer toplay games, chat with friends and to catch up with the latest gossip on celebrities.

One of the easiest ways to get the family moving is to encourage playing outsideduring the day. The questions were divided into parts, as seen on Table no.

Withpermanent development of computer technology the quantity of people using computer either for working purposes or entertainment purposes is in creasing speedily.

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These so called fluctuations in behaviors do not manifest on their ownhowever.

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Related Literature of Computer Exposure