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The initial ten dimensions that were believed to represent service quality were: Competence is the possession of the required skills and knowledge to perform the service.

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Capturing true expectations is important because it has implications for service quality scores. Is feedback on assignments given within a week in time for students to assimilate the information, or does the feedback come too late, after the examination has been taken?

service quality model

This in turn helps to delight the customers by rising above their expectations. The literature identifies different types of expectations.

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Responsiveness is the readiness and willingness of employees to help customers by providing prompt timely services, for example, mailing a transaction slip immediately or setting up appointments quickly.

Are letters replied to by return of post, or does it take a month?

Service quality characteristics

Any attempt to adapt or modify the scale will have implications for the validity of items with implications for the validity of the dimensions of reliability, assurance, tangibles, empathy and responsiveness. When researchers elicit ideal expectations, overall service quality scores are likely to be lower, making it much more difficult for marketers to deliver on those expectations. Access is approachability and ease of contact. However, at the same time, the model's developers recommended that applied use of the instrument should modify or adapt them for specific contexts. In practical terms, this means that the questionnaire would take more than one hour per respondent to administer in a face-to-face interview. Reliability We need to perform the service we promised dependably, accurately and consistently over a period of time. In some cases, it may be necessary to carry out 'quick and dirty' research while waiting for the findings of studies with superior research design. Thus the ten initial dimensions were reduced and the labels amended to accurately reflect the revised dimensions. Capturing true expectations is important because it has implications for service quality scores. An example of this dimension may be a customer that returns a faulty television to an electronics store. We need to collect and understand feedback from student customers and act on their perceptions of service quality in each of these dimensions. Lengthy questionnaires are known to induce respondent fatigue which may have potential implications for data reliability. A well branded service, appropriately dressed staff and a comfortable and attractive environment for all contribute to the tangibles of service delivery as well as: Modern equipment and visually appealing facilities.

Access: How easy is it to reach the service provider, geographically or by phone, e.

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