Should we ban smack

smacking a child on the bottom

Hardly anyone defends smacking per se any more. I was one of these children, and so were many of my friends. There is no guarantee that a smacking ban would lead to a diminution in the kinds of child cruelty cases that make us flinch when we read about them.

Smacking children

Especially when parents are frustrated, angry or upset with the child; it can inadvertently lead to them using brute force or in places where it does leave an injury. And small children often forget why they were smacked in the first place. It is not for the state to regulate smacking, any more whether parents should send their children to violin lessons For a start, it would be extremely difficult for the state to enforce rules around smacking at home, namely because punishment cannot be perceived by anyone other than parent and child. It is widely agreed that corporal punishment is becoming less common in the UK , as it is in most places. Humiliation or sarcasm, really aggressive looks, behaviours which relentlessly make children feel awful about themselves, are bound to be damaging. The behaviour that you pay attention to increases. Physical punishment should absolutely be a last resort; an emergency response. In order to prevent our parents from the use of violence against children, smacking should be banned. Advertisement As well as concerns that smacking promotes violence, campaigners say it makes parental child abuse more likely. Changing laws alters behaviour much more dramatically than any amount of nudging or peer pressure, though public education is important. Abuse of academic evidence provides no basis for framing the laws of our country. The government seems to share this common sense philosophy of "spare the rod and spoil the child": Tony Blair and David Blunkett have both admitted smacking their children. I fully respect the good aims of those who support it, but I am against it for the following reasons. Taking that away would have detrimental effects. Take me, a mother with a fairly quick temper.

All this being said, as soon as I understood what I was doing wrong I'd never do it again, not out of fear, but because I knew it was bad. The analysis found that thirteen-year-olds from places with full smacking bans were less likely to get into frequent fights as those from nations where it is allowed everywhere — in boys, who fought the most, the rates for frequent fighting were 8.

However, supporters argue that smacking can be necessary for discipline. Opinion polls show a substantial majority of the public still wedded to the idea that dispensing a sharp blow to a misbehaving child is both an inalienable parental right and effective discipline.

This manpower can do wonders provided its potential is tapped for the developmental projects of the nation.

should smacking be banned

Taking that away would have detrimental effects. Do parents what that?

effects of smacking a child

For all of these reasons I support the majority of loving and caring parents in opposing the introduction of a smacking ban in this country.

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Smack ban in the middle: Experts debate whether smacking should be banned for good