Social problems among youth in malaysia

Interviewer:What are the effects do you think as result of social problems among youth in Malaysia?

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Parents are the closest to their children and have the responsibility in guiding them to the bright side. Baker, P. In our contemporary world these myths may include power, progress, science, development, modernization, democracy, achievement, and success. Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Syed Putra Jamalullail on Tuesday May 19, called for a change in the approach to curb social ills from that of punishing, blaming others and holding public lectures. Causes of Social Problems in Malaysia. Those websites lower the moral values of the youth. Fairness and objectivity go together.

The second place was vandalism with 16 percent followed by underage pregnancy with Questionnaire and interview were the sources of the research data collection. For random sex, murder, kidnap and others social problems, the three of this category were less chosen by the respondents.

Other mediums such as newspapers and internet were the following choices for the respondents.

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Interviewee:No thank. There is a large proportion of the population must be concerned about the condition.

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Consumer mass media, especially those who are responsible as parents, teachers, political leaders and administrators should be wiser in leading, guiding, improving rationality, maturity and alertness and ability to choose to broadcast a more useful watching by children or those who are under their care. Youth tends to involve in activities like vandalism, violence, smoking and so on which bring great impacts to the community as well as the country as youth are the future leaders the country. However, social problem might be harmful to some segment of the society but are beneficial to the people who involved in. Interviewer: So, news paper is the main medium for you to access to these problems? These reflected the point of views of students on the issue in variety perspectives. Apart from that, the researchers also noticed that the news coverage by the Malaysian newspaper on the issue of social problems can be easily accessed by the readers nowadays. What are the perfect solutions for social problems among youth in Malaysia? The effects of social problems among youth in Malaysia can be categorized to three which were, first, the developments of country being affected, second, the moral value of youth decrease and finally the crime rate increase.

The xenophobia problems come from unemployed South Africans.

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