Technological advances in modern india

history of science and technology in india

After repeated failed attempts to convince his colleagues of his achievement, Dr Mukhopadhyay hanged himself on June 19, More missions were subsequently sent each year to India's base Dakshin Gangotri. Source: Hindustan Times 5.

science and technology policy of india

Source: Astrowatch The success of these two programmes was that reported cases decline from 28, in to 3, in An 18 metre long, 7 tonne Agni missile with a range of 2, km was successfully launched into the Bay of Bengal from the interim test range in Chandipur, Orissa, in Raul comes up with more unique ideas per year than any man I know.

Phase 2 — Banking Adoption Once huge swathes of the population began to register on the official system, the next phase was to get them into the banking system. Source: Livemint 3.

development of science and technology in india

And Raoul wastes no time in telling us the implications of this development: India is now the most attractive major investment opportunity in the world.

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Science and technology in India