The bhopal tragedy

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Cambridge, MABallinger Publishing; The government and the CBI suppressed the actual truth and saved the real perpetrators of the crime.

This has allowed SSIs to dispose of untreated wastewater into drainage systems that flow directly into rivers. Exploitation and export of natural resources has accelerated on the subcontinent.

Bhopal gas tragedy causes and consequences

Cambridge, MA , Ballinger Publishing; When Sarang joined us about 20 minutes later, he was polite and charming: He insisted I have some food and tea, worried the snacks were too spicy for me, and complimented me on my Hindi—my protestations that I was not hungry, am no stranger to spicy food, and am fluent in Hindi because I grew up in India seemed to make no difference. In , Greenpeace commissioned waste-management experts based in Germany, Switzerland, and the United States, who came back with a plan for cleaning up the soil. Statement of The Dow Chemical Company Regarding the Curative Petition The Dow Chemical Company has lodged objections to the curative petition in which the Union of India seeks to reopen the year-old legal settlement concerning the gas release in Bhopal, India. A government affidavit in stated the leak caused , injuries including 38, temporary partial injuries and approximately 3, severely and permanently disabling injuries. There was clear evidence that the storage tank temperature did reach this level in the disaster. What does the Bhopal issue and related litigation mean for Dow businesses in the region and does this change our position regarding growth in the region? Only very little money actually reached the victims. Managing Industrial Crisis. This point of view further argues that the Indian government took extensive actions to hide this possibility in order to attach blame to UCC. Like a skilled politician, he supplied different answers at different junctures, and seemed to believe himself each time. Hydrogen cyanide and Bhopal. But he became visibly agitated when I questioned his sincerity.

Possible corroding material in pipelines Poor maintenance after the plant ceased production in the early s Failure of several safety systems due to poor maintenance and regulations.

This point of view further argues that the Indian government took extensive actions to hide this possibility in order to attach blame to UCC. These actions were allegedly taken under the direction of then chief secretary of the state, who was possibly instructed from chief minister's office, who himself flew out of Bhopal immediately.

If there are fissures in the ground under the surface, chlorinated solvents would collect in those fissures and slowly dissolve into the groundwater. On 4 December, the day following the leak, Union Carbide sent material aid and several international medical experts to assist the medical facilities in Bhopal.

There was a dearth of gynaecology, obstetrics and paediatrics. Photo taken on December 4, At every turn, UCC has attempted to manipulate, obfuscate and withhold scientific data to the detriment of victims.

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Dow and the Bhopal Tragedy