The dangers of technology to the social skills development of children

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In one large study of infants, average daily television exposure was strongly correlated with lower language skills at 3 years of age when such factors were not considered, but when these and many additional factors, some as detailed as the length of breast feeding were controlled for, no relationship between television exposure and language development was observed Granted, no one will be surprised to learn that the visual cortex is activated when one watches a video, or that the motor cortex is challenged when playing an action game.

It's important to watch for signs of overuse such as limited or lack of communication with others, lack of physical activity, interrupted sleep, or even vision problems. However, once the media becomes the norm, such an effect would vanish. The impact of television on cognitive development and educational achievement.

positive and negative effects of technology on child development

The children were then split into two groups; the researchers provided consoles for one group immediately, while the other group did not receive their consoles for four months. Immediately a dossier is uploaded to his iPad complete with a schedule, maps to relevant locations, and background information for the various tasks he will need to complete.

Arousal, mood, and the Mozart effect.

how technology affects childrens social skills

Gentzkow M, Shapiro JM.

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The Impact of Technology on Children’s Behavior & Social Skills