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Within days, Butler and Robideau had been arrested; Peltier made it over the border to Canada.

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Amnesty International wrote to the federal prison authorities in March asking the prison authorities to provide the records which have been requested. The last two appeals were Peltier v. The immediate spark that created the American Indian Movement began with the occupation of Alcatraz Island. Although this reasoning sounds ridiculous, it has thus far held up, and a petition for executive clemency remains unanswered three years after being filed with the Department of Justice. Jurors were convinced: Peltier was convicted and sentenced to two consecutive life terms. These reservations became pockets of deep despair and poverty. He was denied parole early release under supervision of the criminal justice system in following a parole hearing in and his case will not be heard again via a full hearing by the Parole Commission until December At the outset of this case, as the record indicates, I personally indicated that -- in the extradition proceedings that the Government would be bound, that that particular penalty could not and would not apply; and that is a part of the record today, of which I know the Court, I am certain, is aware. During the trial, the Assistant U.

Peltier moved to Seattle in Additional information was obtained from the Amnesty International Annual Report,, and ; Incident at Oglala, a documentary; and a personal interview with Lisa Faruolo, October 9, When he got to the first house, he found that there was no food to hide and the same story was repeated in each of the households that he went to.

But the defense submitted additional evidence showing that Peltier's alleged gun had been eliminated as the murder weapon. He also became involved in Native American land-claim issues, alcohol-abuse counselingand the preservation of Native land in Seattle.

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Economic reparations to Native Americans are absolutely essential for a just future, as is the return of sacred sites and significant pieces of ancestral territory, as well as a fair share of natural resources on lands taken in violation of treaties.

Irene Hoggarth, is this your verdict as I have read it? One, I was denied access to a phone to call my attorneys concerning my appeal.

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On February 27, , a caravan of about armed Oglala Sioux and AIM activists entered the town of Wounded Knee and declared it liberated territory. Leonard Peltier has been a victim—time and time again—of the racism that is embedded in the U. To many Indigenous Peoples, Leonard Peltier is a symbol of the long history of abuse and repression they have endured. After being provoked and threatened by government officials and police, they occupied the Bureau of Indian Affairs building. In fact, Benson repeatedly ruled against the defense during Peltier's trial. Native American life expectancy was forty-four—twenty-one years below the national average. Others joined in. A federal jury in Iowa acquitted them on grounds of self-defense, finding that their participation in the shoot-out was justified given the climate of fear that existed on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Prospectors began violating the treaty almost right away. It is now commonly accepted that genocide was committed against Native Americans. Nevertheless, the Parole Board decided against granting parole because Peltier continues to maintain his innocence and because he was the only one convicted. In spite of the horrible conditions—food shortages and a late winter storm—people held their ground. Time for justice is short.

The jury, unaware of the aforementioned facts, found Mr. His community volunteer work included Native Land Claim issues, alcohol counseling, and participation in protests concerning the preservation of Native land within the city of Seattle.

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