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Vikram Seth is notable both as an accomplished novelist and poet. The writer of a posterior vision and dehumanizing trend of negative capability has made the case of untraditional experience dominating issue over a detached kind of living in future. It is a novel of art and adultery. Nair has a good understanding of the psyche of women and therefore, she explores the world of special women with all their overwhelming problems and challenges in her third novel Ladies Coupe Most Popular Posts. During the eighteenth century, these factors led towards the decline of Indian women writing. Narayan, Mulk Raj Anand, and their ilk promoted the conventional mode of writing. Seth delves in detail on the social milieu of post — Independent India. Though a woman is a scientist, doctor, lawyer or an artist, the discharge of her feminine duties must take first priority.

He is endowed with a transparently positive vision of life, explored and expressed artistically in his novels. Some recount unforgettable tales of love and adventure of dutiful sons and scheming Gods, of enchanted lands and giant serpents.

The greatest merit of his language and style lives in its simplicity. Anita Nair recreates the magical charm of Kerala in her lush prose, by portraying the scenic beauty of Kerala, describing the local teashop and the banter surrounding it and expertly delineating the characters.

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They have handled them with a sense of balance, never disregarding our Indian traditions, yet discovering that there is more in the offing. She was born at Mundakottakurissi near Shoranur in Kerala state. Their individual struggle against the myriad repressive forces instills in Akhila, a sense of courage and clarity in action and determined to break free of all that her conservative Tamil Brahmin life has bound her to.

Naipaul, a third generation Indian from Trinidad and Tobago and a Nobel prize laureate, is a person who belongs to the world and usually not classified under IWE. Recent writers in India such as Arundhati Roy and David Davidar show a direction towards contextuality and rootedness in their works.

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Salman Rushdie was born and brought up in Bombay and later went to England for higher education. Rushdie with his famous work Midnight's Children Booker Prize , Booker of Bookers , and Best of the Bookers ushered in a new trend of writing. What Sri Aurobindo points out to the philosophers of today is that human life, body and mind are the evolved forms of super mind. In her fictional world she explores the power politics in some way or the other. Others, such as Graham Greene, however, feel that through Malgudi they could vividly understand the Indian experience. Other Indian English literature novelists of repute of the contemporary times include V. They uphold the female centric themes and delineate the various issues faced by the women characters in a domestic spear. These authors make use of Indian phrases alongside English words and have tried to reproduce a blend of the Indian and the Western cultures.

Vattacharja Chandan is a central figure who contrived the movement. Similar to the way Thomas Hardy used WessexNarayan created the fictitious town of Malgudi where he set his novels.

He has a humorous manner and an eye for the comic in the world around him. Her work is not only critically acclaimed but also best selling.

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Opposite to many other Indian writers with success in the west, Anita Nair not only lives in India, but also publishes her books in India. Greene and Narayan remained close friends till the end. His fictional world includes novels, short stories, essays, newspaper articles and columns. They will evoke sometimes sympathy or sorrow, sometimes they outshine even male characters in intelligence. Left to fend for herself, Meera takes up a job as an assistant to JAK. His writing has stretched across seven decades and occupies a remarkable position in the history of Indian English Fiction. In Hemingway style language the author takes the reader into the dreamland of nature and people who are inexorably associated with nature. In Puffin Book of World , all the people on earth get together to push the sky up with giant poles because it is too low and they keep bumping their heads against it. The repressive forces are varied in their manifestations — a patriarchal society and paternalism, sexual politics in marital relationships, sexual stereotyping with its imposed code on female sexuality and an imposed definition of female roles, the repression and marginalization of women effected through traditional institutions in society and many more.

It tells of a king who lives behind an iron curtain while his subjects have cruelty and death delivered upon them at the slightest pretext.

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