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Featuring a boy and a tree, the plot centers on both characters growing up and the boy having less and less time for the tree but more and more need for what the tree can give him. Because he kept a low profile and avoided publicity in general, little more is known about his personal life.

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Fact Check We strive for accuracy and fairness. He wrote stories and drew funny pictures for the publication. Many of his poems are adapted from his song lyrics, and the influence of his song-writing background is apparent in the poems' meters and rhythms. I had developed my own style. Citation Information. He urged readers to catch the moon or invite a dinosaur to dinner—to have fun! Critics have approached the story from many angles, from accrediting it with a life-is-a-journey theme, to condemning it for suggesting that being alone is better than committing to another. You and Me. Eventually the tree allows itself to be chopped down to make lumber for a boat so the boy can go sailing. He wrote about twenty of them. Witty and wondrous, Runny Babbit is a poetry collection of spoonerisms, which twist the tongue and tease the mind! All three anthologies included Silverstein contributions.

It is a place where shoes can fly. His pictures more than complemented his words. Kimmel, in Twentieth-Century Children's Writers, characterized Silverstein this way: "His poems read like those a fourth grader would write in the back of his notebook when the teacher's eye was turned.

The camera? And I won't give any more interviews.

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Silverstein biographer Lisa Rogak wrote: The cartoon on the cover that provides the book's title would turn out to be one of his most famous and often-cited cartoons. He did not really care to conform to any sort of norm, but he did want to leave his mark for others to be inspired by, as he told Publishers Weekly: I would hope that people, no matter what age, would find something to identify with in my books, pick up one and experience a personal sense of discovery.

By the time I got to where I was attracting girls, I was already into work, and it was more important to me. And she convinced me that Tomi was right; I could do children's books.

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But he could not play baseball, and girls did not like him.

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