The structure of tesco

The strategy might also outline where Oxfam is going and if they are any actions that needed to make progress and how it will know if it has been successful or not in achieving its aims and objective Related Papers.

Tesco decentralised structure

This hierarchical level is not only responsible for the current position of the company but it is also important for the further expansion and development of the company. It is important to note that the structure below is not rigid for all Tesco stores and some stores operate with a slightly different structure reflecting their location, size and a range of other store-specific factors. The executive committee comprises of nine people with different departments. The topmost managerial position is of the regional manager at the base level. Functioning at such a huge level requires a strong management support and like all other multinational corporations Tesco also follows a specific hierarchical management system that has ensured its smooth functioning and efficiency till the base root level. The Chairman of Tesco is Michael Sutherlin. The regional manager takes all the major decisions related to stores situated in the region.

InMr. References Hammett, S. The same structure is not followed in every Tesco store, because some stores use different organization structure based on their size, location, and range of the store-specific factors.

The structure of tesco

For writing assignments that are similar to this topic, students can take help from write my essay if they need assistance for the completion of their assignments. This entry was posted in Management. Top level At the top of all power is the executive board headed by the President CEO of the company who is the head of all administrative staff and takes all major decisions. Thus, the senior management needs to delay the opportunities and reduces the layer of management in order to accelerate the flow of information. It is this level of vertical division of powers that has made possible for such a diversified company to be working so successfully in the market. Lewis announced the reduction of costs across head office functions by 30 per cent with direct implications on the management structure. This type of hierarchical management is not only responsible for its current position but has also been extremely efficient for its further development and expansion. Journal of Economic Geography, 12 5 , The strategy would help because the strategic planning ensures that the employees and other stakeholders are working together to achieve that goals. The position of CEO is held at the top among all the hierarchical levels. There is also an executive committee with 9 people each heading different departments. The hierarchical structure of Tesco helps the business to define the roles of every member without any confusion and chaos. Although traditional in nature, this type of structure helps in establishing defined roles for everyone thereby creating no chaos and confusion. Bookmark the permalink. These managers implement the decisions taken by the top management.

Bookmark the permalink. The regional manager takes all the major decisions related to stores situated in the region.

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But for some companies the hierarchical structure may differ, it depends on the size of the company. These people are the external front and face of the company and also represent the overall company in the International market. There work at the external front like the face of the company and represent the company as a whole in the international market.

The organizational structure of every company usually compromises of three levels — top management level, middle management level, and low management level.

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Tesco Management Hierarchy