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Bourbons to varennes

The queen refused to leave her friend behind, with unpleasant consequences that rivalled the wedding in notoriety. Due to the support the French people gave him the allies punished France by making them pay war indemnities and stationing their troops in France until this was paid off. On 27 April , Louis XV fell ill after contracting smallpox and died a few days later on 10 May, aged During his reign it was clear that France was the most influential country in Europe and the economy thrived. When he was 22 he got married to Maria-Theresa which helped him become the most powerful monarch in Europe. This unrest was engineered by local magistrates and nobles, who enticed the people to revolt against the Lit de Justice, which was quite unfavourable to the nobles and magistrates. He also helped promote art such as , music, architecture, painting, and sculpture. His character was such that he lacked charm and the truth was, that he was wanted for what he stood for, rather than what we really was. The previous treaty had been quite favourable to France, but this one took a hard line. Louis was horrified by Prussia's intention to annex the Kingdom of Saxony , to which he was attached because his mother was born a Saxon princess, and he was also concerned that Prussia would dominate Germany.

This was just a way of covering up the fact that they couldn't choose a ruler themselves. Villele accomplished this for example inhe passed a severe law limiting the press, trial by jury and surrounded himself with hard core ultras.

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He came into full power of France in He and his ministry embarked on a series of reforms through the summer of Louis hoped that Paul's successor, Alexander Iwould repudiate his father's banishment of the Bourbons, which he later did.

The Declaration of Hartwell was even more liberal than his Declaration ofasserting that all those who served Napoleon or the Republic would not suffer repercussions for their acts, and that the original owners of the Biens nationaux lands confiscated from the nobility and clergy during the Revolution were to be compensated for their losses.

There was no doubt that through brainwashing and teaching they managed to get the German youth to idolise their Fuhrer. He stated to ruling at only age 13 and was also engaged in the Franco-Spanish war.

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The electorate was limited to the richest men in France, most of whom had supported Napoleon. There was a full celebration for a decapitation of a head that was once the king of the country. The resulting Charte Constitutionnelle was adopted on June 4, It would guarantee the full property rights of those who had purchased national lands during the revolution. He attempted to gain admittance to the King's council in , but failed. This helped to cool down the French revolutionaries and Napoleonic supporters whose fear was that the restored Bourbon monarchy would revive the despotic and undemocratic pre system of rule. Despite this, he still pressed for the marriage, which proved to be quite unhappy and produced no children.
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How Successful Was The Reign Of Louis Xviii