The two separate connotations between sex and gender in todays society

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As a result, not only do women find it difficult to find their experiences acknowledged in the wider patriarchal culture, their viewpoints also tend to be silenced or marginalized to the point of being discredited or considered invalid.

The differences between male and female sexes are anatomical and physiological.

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It is known, however, that transgendered and transsexual individuals experience discrimination based on their gender identity. Hesse-Biber, S. Alfred Kinsey was among the first to conceptualize sexuality as a continuum rather than a strict dichotomy of gay or straight.

In general, women are underrepresented in roles that involve leadership, intelligence, or a balanced psyche. How much do you feel like a man, a woman, or something else? Like most people, you may not have realized that sex and gender are not the same.

A familiar nursery rhyme nicely summarizes these two sets of traits: What are little boys made of?

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Some people might be attracted to the same gender as them gay people and lesbiansand others might be attracted to people of the opposite gender to themselves straight people.

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Sex and gender: Meanings, definition, identity, and expression