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It is important to identify what makes us tick and use it as a basis for acting on our values. My personal favorite was Andrea Jung, the first female CEO of Avon - her passion for empowering women from all walks This book, of course, is another foray into leadership strategy.

Many leaders have a natural tendency to try and appear invincible and even have a holier-than-tho air about them. One may think that now that they are a leader whatever that means that it is finally about THEM; that now they are the important one. Or, at this stage in your career, do you in fact have a purpose bigger than what you will get if you hit your performance targets?

Heart: This means one should put their heart into their work. The cases are all from the business world with the notable exception of Nelson Mandela and include household names like Arianna Huffington, Warren Buffett, and Howard Schultz.

Bill George gets it right in his analysis of the fallen-from-grace Rajat Gupta who went from being an iconic leader of McKinsey to being in jail for insider trading.

Leadership is leaving something lasting, whether it is how you treat your people or how you deal with a problem.

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They all are the product of their respective life stories. Often people want to be leaders because that seems to be what one ought to aspire to. When being a leader it is important that we let our values define how we act, not letting how we think a leaders should act define how we act.

What made his or her leadership style significant to the livelihood of the company, if it was successful to begin with? George argues, is completely unrealistic.

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Discover Your True North by Bill George