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All you have to do is slightly adjust your template of choice so it reflects your unique brand. HT means "hat tip," and it's what you use to credit an account who first clued you into the information you're sharing in your tweet.

Azlan, wonderful video maker The basics Engagement is the name of the game for videos on Twitter The content you create for Twitter needs to be entertaining and engaging. In addition to the Home tab, the Connect and Discover tabs were introduced along with a redesigned profile and timeline of Tweets.

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Add your own unique flavor While Biteable templates will allow you to craft stunning Twitter videos incredibly quickly, there may come a time when you need to branch out and create something completely unique.

Still, if you don't want to miss a beat, here are some tips. While all regular tweets are public, including -mentions, a DM is totally private.

Jack Dorseythen an undergraduate student at New York Universityintroduced the idea of an individual using an SMS service to communicate with a small group.

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With a private account, only the people who you've given permission to follow you will see your tweets. Here's what's what.

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Choose the Twitter template that best suits your goals. Make videos that get people tweeting in no time Pro tips Twitter video specs A social media video is only as good as its specs. You can make private lists with only a few people on it that you can check to make sure you catch everyone's tweets in that list. However, you can easily make your own private experience. Biteable is still your best option. Twitter will occasionally filter the timeline, showing tweets of your favorite people first Twitter sees who you talk to the most, so it knows who you'd like to see tweets from before showing real-time tweets again in reverse chronological order. The kind of videos that grab attention and help brands like yours stand out.

Vine videos shared on Twitter are visible directly in users' Twitter feeds. However, you can easily make your own private experience.

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How To Use Twitter: Critical Tips For New Users