Vices of students cause low academic performance

Factors affecting the academic performance of high school students

However, the extent and direction of this relationship has remained ambiguous. Procrastination is the student's worst enemy. It is seen as a management problem, and framed in economic, quasi-economic terms and educational terms. This was used to determine the level of the academic performance of the respondents. Online social media Only a few prior studies have investigated the impact of social media activity on academic performance, despite the growing availability of such data and undisputed presence of these media in our daily lives. Respondents of the Study Respondents are the 74 fourth year nursing students consisting 8 males and 66 females. On the other hand, all indicators included in the category of study habits were considered highly impactful except for the last item which was ranked rather lower. Procrastination is a current topic of interest across multiple fields, from finance as people defer dealing with their financial troubles. Introduction Students are the key assets of universities. That is, we wanted to identify the ways in which low performers are significantly different from high performers and vice versa. First, we sought to understand the extent to which the use of CR facilities plays a role in improving examination performance.

Due to the possibility to exit the experiment at any given point, the number of participants varied over time. The indicators for each category were arranged from highest to lowest mean. Future Researchers.

solution to poor academic performance

Methodology 2. To health care as people delay seeing their physician. Facebook data was obtained via the Facebook Graph API, and contains both static friendship connections as well as various interactions on the social network.

It is also important to study over a period of days rather waiting until the last minute to study. All types of interactions are treated equally.

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Factors Affecting the Academic Performance of the Student Nurses of BSU