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I forgot how giallo influenced this film seems to be.

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That is as Hitchcockian as De Palma or anybody can get. The best feature, of course, is the nice-looking 4K digital restoration that was supervised by De Palma that makes it look better than it probably has in its entire existence.

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Almost every scene references the brilliance of a Hitchcock film. Did he intend it all as a parody or a straightforward Psycho-type movie? Like Body Double, this film owes a debt to Polanski as well as Hitchcock though the former is much more present in both. This, however, is their greatest collaboration. At the time Herrmann was semi-retired, but admired the screenplay enough to agree to score the film. In the end, the women in the film do get some kind of closure for the traumas that have been perpetrated on them but unfortunately, none are in a position to fully appreciate it. De Palma's choice of subject matter couldn't have been more appropriate: With this film he effectively conjoined himself to Hitchcock, announcing himself as a skillful mimic with a mischievous side all his own. In addition, the photo had a caption that mentioned that while the two sisters were perfectly healthy from a physical perspective, both were beginning to develop psychological problems. I love Margot Kidder. One Blanchion twin died, one lived, but the two twins exist through one. Film Festival in Dallas, Texas in April Meanwhile, the cops are wildly hostile to Grace for having the temerity to expose the failings of their colleagues—so much so, in fact that they allow all of the evidence to a murder to disappear before they arrive on the scene. Grace witnesses the murder but cannot actually prove anything that she saw and when she does find proof, her inability to watch where she is going ends up destroying it. As for Grace, she is a perfectly competent and capable reporter but is still forced by her editor to be aided in her investigation by an older white guy—one who depart just before things start getting ugly and who then inexplicably never bothers to check in with her. The film ends with a shot of a detective looking through binoculars at what might be called the scene of the crime, intently but fruitlessly watching a couch that no one will ever incriminate themselves with by picking up.

While I still pretty much agree with the order that I put them in, my only regret is that it appears as if I am underrating or outright dismissing some highly worthy works. Lovely young Danielle is not really the murderer, but that is what De Palma wants the audience to think.

On the telephone, detective Kelly recognizes Grace as the woman journalist who writes about police brutality on students, and fails to believe her emergency call. The cops leave and, assuming that the whole thing was a stunt pulled by Grace in order to get material for another story about police incompetence, warn her not to mess with them anymore.

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Since the sofa bed is so much heavier than it should be, he becomes convinced that the body has been hidden inside of it but before he can do anything, movers arrive to cart it away.

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